"I would, then, detect the continuum of Giovanni Greppi’s ongoing visual research in the perceiving and participating quality of that piercing look that presupposes a journey of revelation of submerged things through the pictorial matter, the physical and metaphysical locations, and the existential and psychological situations that it stages. It is a continuum that, in the run-up to the eighties, when the formal and stylistic identity of his style was essentially acquired, can be said to be divided into three great seasons to which we have referred and that constitute an example, rarely found today, of work concentrated and involved in the visual arts. It portrays images of nature, of the human condition and of the current communicative lability. This, always through the filter of sensitivity and personal feeling, with the sole purpose of restoring the eye’s ability to discover and reveal the sense, the truth, the beauty of things and creatures that accompany us, of the world in which we are immersed and where we travel, like a spaceship in space."

Nicola Micieli


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