Giovanni Greppi trained as an artist in the classical tradition, attending the studio of the Italian artist Gianni Dova, of the nuclearist and spatialist  movement, for three years, exploring techniques and themes in contemporary art. In the following two years Greppi moved to Florence and worked as a painting restorer whilst continuing to paint his own works. He then attended the renowned ‘Il Bisonte’ where he learnt the art of etching and engraving. He would soon become a teacher at Il Bisonte and became well known for pioneering new techniques. In the 1990’s Greppi worked between Florence and Lake Como; He perfected his knowledge of photo etching with Luis Camnitzer, the Uruguayan artist with a strong commitment to the civil rights movement and spent time in New York collecting material that was to form the nucleus of his later work ‘La Pietà’. In Lake Como Greppi ran courses and workshops for artists and continued to hold international workshops on coloured etching and photo-etching techniques particularly at Il Bisonte in Florence. Greppi has worked in the USA and participated in solo and group exhibitions in Miami and in other parts of America. From 2013-2016 Greppi did a ground breaking project exploring etching in the C21st by combining classical craftsmanship in traditional engraving techniques with contemporary technology. Greppi’s paintings are an exploration into the connective consciousness of mankind, nature and his desire to express his exuberance in his own Christian faith.

Rachael Barraclough



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